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At Free-Flite, we treat your bike as if it was our own. Our professional bicycle technicians can service ANY make or model, and we will gladly give you a complimentary estimate before doing any work on your beloved machine. Here are some of our most popular service packages and a la carte service prices. Feel free to contact us anytime for questions about our bicycle maintenance and repair services.



Get Your Bike Finely Tuned & Lubricated

Covers all of the essentials INCLUDING:

Wipe Down bicycle

Full wheel true (front & rear wheels)

Adjust front & rear shifting

Adjust headset, hubs & bottom bracket

Torque all fasteners & test ride

*Parts Not Included. Additional Charges May Apply



A Little Bit Extra - Everything Your Bike Needs

1-Star Tune-Up PLUS:

Wash bike

Degrease drivetrain and bike frame

Installation of parts and accessories purchased at Free-Flite

Replace cables & brake pads as needed

*Parts Not Included. Additional Charges May Apply



Get Your Bike Finely Tuned & Lubricated

2-Star Tune-Up PLUS:

Bike is fully disassembled and cleaned

Clean, inspect, lubricate, & adjust all bearings

Clean, inspect, & adjust brakes & derailleurs

Polish frame, reassemble

*Parts Not Included. Additional Charges May Apply

  • $10 - Install Tube and/or Tire (front or rear)
  • $15 - Adjust Derailleur (front or rear)
  • $18 - Straighten Derailleur Hanger Alignment
  • $15 - Install Shifter or Brake Cable (front or rear)
  • $20 - Install Shifter or Brake Cable & Housing (front or rear)
  • $35 - Bleed Hydraulic Disc Brake (front or rear)
  • $20 - Standard Wheel True
  • $30 - Major Wheel True (includes spoke replacement)
  • $50 - Wheel Build, Custom
  • $50 - Package Bike for Shipping (includes standard box)
  • $15 - Install Chain
  • $15 - Install/Remove Cassette
  • $50 - Clean Drivetrain & Re-Lubricate
  • $25 - Install Fenders
  • $20 - Install Rear Frame Rack
  • $8 - Install or Remove Pedals
  • $15 - Install Cleats (fitting not included)
  • $5 - Install Saddle
  • $5 - Lube / Supply / Environmental fee
  • $50 - Install/Glue Tubular Tire (front or rear)
  • $50* - 30 Hour Fork Service – Drop Lowers, Clean, Inspect & Replace Fluids*
  • $100* - 100 Hour Fork Service – Drop Lowers, Clean, Inspect, Replace Internal Seals, Foam Rings, Fluids, Set to Proper PSI*
  • $20 - Set-Up/Tune Fork or Rear Shock to Rider’s Weight
  • $15 - Cut Fork Steerer Tube
  • $6 - Install or Remove Star-Nut in Fork
  • $45 - Install New Fork – Cut Steerer to Proper Length & Install Star-Nut
  • $20 - Install Rear Shock – Install Eyelet Bushings & Torque to Spec
  • $5 - Replace Eyelet Bushings - Each
  • *Parts Not Included. Additional Charges May Apply

Free Estimates

When you bring in your bike to Free-Flite for a repair, we always start with a free, no-obligation estimate. One of our service techs will discuss your bike’s condition and carefully explain what work should be done. We will always respect your budget.


Walk-In Repairs

Walk-In repairs are always welcome at Free-Flite! Sometimes you are ready to ride and you discover a problem - minor repairs can be fixed on the spot. If your repair is more extensive, we will still strive to have it back to you ASAP.


Service Center Awards

Just a few of the training programs our mechanics have recently completed include – Trek University, Shimano Service Center Certification, SRAM Technical University, Bosch E-Bike Training, and the Park Tool Tech Summit.