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Free-Flite / Trek Racing Team

Meet Our Team of Amazing Cyclists

Free-Flite / Trek Racing proudly sponsors amateur racing teams in the disciplines of Masters Road, Triathlon, and Mountain / Cross Country. Our mission is to support local businesses and personal health and well-being. In addition to racing teams, we field a development squad and support recreational cycling through our attached club, North Atlanta Riding Club, which has supported the growth of local cycling for many years.

Team Free-Flite Would Like to Thank Our Sponsors

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Race Team

Claire Bacon

Claire Bacon

How did you get into racing?: Peer pressure! :)

Athletic Accomplishments: Frequent podiums at the Age Group and Masters levels. Completed 6x Half Ironman/70.3

Favorite Local Race: Tugaloo Triathlon

Favorite Race Moment: Every finish line is special, but competing at the 2013 AG National Championships was super-charged with excitement at every moment from the Expo to the finish, and was even better to get a surprise visit from my husband the night before!

Favorite Quote: Only the toughest do it in the rain!

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Cooking fantastic meals from scratch, teaching workshops on health-related topics, or making DIY personal care products

Aaron Budsock

Aaron Budsock

How did you get into racing?: Ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed seeing folks race bicycles. I wanted to be in the field so I started training...

Favorite Local Race: Marietta Tuesday Night Crit

Favorite Quote: Pain makes man think...Thought makes man wise...Wisdom makes life endurable

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Doing home improvement activities and gardening in my free time. Occasionally I will treat myself to a Moxie Burger...if I have earned it!

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Jeff Butterworth

How did you get into racing?: Competing a little here and there as my fitness has gotten better over the years

Athletic Accomplishments: Not much. I'm a pretty average guy. I'm pretty proud of the mountain centuries I've done.

When I’m not racing/training, I'm…: Playing golf, working outside around the house, or spending time with family and friends

Denise Dillon

Denise Dillon

How did you get into racing?: After my first marathon in 1991, I needed a new, bigger challenge and did my first tri. I was hooked.

Athletic Accomplishments: 40 marathons, 100+ tris including 3 Ironman- Florida, Kona, Austria

Favorite Local Race: Tugaloo

Favorite Race Moment: 100th Boston (got married half-way thru)

Favorite Quote: I can do it!

When I’m not racing/training, I'm…: Playing at the lake or beach or taking pictures

Mark G

Mark Gilliam

How did you get into racing?: After college athletics & touring professionally I needed something to keep me active

Athletic Accomplishments: 10 Years of CAT 1 MTB Series Racing/4 Years of CAT 2 MTB Series Racing (started MTB racing in '94; multiple age group series champion in Michigan (MMBA) and Georgia (GSC) & SERC championships), Two time NORBA National Race top 5 age group CAT 2 finisher-2nd & 5th, NCAA All-American '83 - Gymnastics, Kent State University Hall of Fame Member '92, National & World Age Group Tumbling/Trampoline Champion, Professional Tour with the Kurt Thomas 'Gymnastic America' Show, Three World Tours with the Bud Light Daredevils (Half-Time Entertainment at NBA & College Basketball Games, HS Pole Vault Record Holder, City Junior Diving Champion

Favorite Local Race: Helen, Georgia

Favorite Race Moment: Every time I cross the finish line is a special moment and great accomplishment, but Clinching the 2016 SERC & GSC CAT 1 GM Series Championships was pretty special

Favorite Quotes: ...If you never slow down, you never grow old...

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Resting, catching up on laundry & yard work, or hanging out with family and friends

Taylor G

Taylor Gonsoulin

How did you get into racing?: Competed in track and cross country in high school

Favorite Local Race: Newton Omnium and Blankets Creek 6-Hour

Favorite Race Moment: Winning a mile race at a dual meet in high school, any time I am on the podium, passing a rival in the late stages of a race

Favorite Quote: "...we glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance character; and character, hope." Romans 5:3-4.

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Watching my kids at sporting events, playing with my dogs, reading, or taking photos

Chris Gutierez

Chris Gutierez

How did you get into racing?: Worked at a bike shop in high school - fell in love with the sport

Favorite Local Race: Tour Of Southern Highlands

Favorite Race Moment: The ones I finish!

Favorite Quote: Stay Positive, Work Hard and Make It Happen

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: On vacation!!!

Melanie Hof

Melanie Hof

How did you get into racing?: Used to cross train with the bike and loved it, so started doing more.

Athletic Accomplishments: Paddling: Won Missouri River 340- solo and as coed team (340 mile canoe race) Won Chattajack paddle race, Suwanee River race x 2, Kawnivore Classic, Chattahoochee river race, Race for the Rivers Second place Texas Water Safari Cycling: 2016 third place state Crit, second place union city road race 2017: third place ToSH TT, first place ToSH circuit race

Favorite Race Moment: Any time I can help lead out Karen Honeycutt

Favorite Quote: To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift. Steve Prefontaine

2017 Goals: Gateway Cup in StL

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Racing canoes and kayaks

Karen Honeycutt

Karen Honeycutt

How did you get into racing?: Tracy Honeycutt

Favorite Race Moment: Winning sprint finish at Ga Games

Favorite Quote: It doesn't get easier, you just go faster-Greg LeMond and Make It Happen

When I’m not racing/training, I'm…: Shoping and spending time with my family

Tracy Honeycut

Tracy Honeycutt

How did you get into racing?: Many years ago a friend asked me if I wanted to do a bike race. After my first race I was hooked!

Athletic Accomplishments: 1st - 2011 Sunny King Crit - Cat 4 1st - 2015 Historic Brooks Road Race (Circuit) - Masters 35+ 1st - 2015 PAALS Cycling Festival Crit - Master 35+ 3rd - 2015 Georgia Games Road Race - Master 35+ 3rd - 2015 Georgia Games Crit - Master 35+

Favorite Local Race: Georgia Games Crit & Georgia Games Road Race

Favorite Race Moment: Crossing the line first to win Sunny King was my favorite race moment. The race is streamed live and a lot of my friends and family got to see me win.

2017 Goals: This year my A race is the Masters National Crit in Augusta.

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Spending time with my family

Jennifer Hoyer

Jennifer Hoyer

How did you get into racing?: Someone dared me to

Athletic Accomplishments: Showing up

Favorite Local Race: Blue Ridge

Favorite Race Moment: The cold beer someone handed me after my first half-iron. I thought I had died, gone to heaven and learned they had beer there!

2017 Goals: Tugaloo

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Hiking, paddleboarding, or sitting on a beach somewhere

Amy Kelsch

Amy Kelsch

How did you get into racing?: I met my husband

Athletic Accomplishments: Masters podium on a few local races

Favorite Local Race: Chattahoochee Challenge 5K

Favorite Race Moment: PR at Nickel City 5K

Favorite Quote: Race day is the challenging part, it's the reward for the months of hard work while you were training.

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Trying out new recipes

John Kelsch

John Kelsch

How did you get into racing?: Long time runner, started with High school sports

Athletic Accomplishments: Boston Marathon (BQ in 2012), 2 x Ironman, 5x Half Ironman

Favorite Local Race: Tugaloo Triathlon

Favorite Quote: "I can do hard things"

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Spending time with family, or watching my kids' sports and activities

Denise Lacy

Denise Lacey

How did you get into racing?: I have a passion for running that lead to doing 5k races along the way I was biking and swimming for fun which brought me to now

Athletic Accomplishments: Podium at lasts years USAT duathlon national championship Made all American in USAT triathlon

Favorite Local Race: Georgia peach sprint triathlon

Favorite Race Moment: The group ride with the USA team in Aviles Spain

Favorite Quote: Be Brave Strong Fast !!!

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Reading or playing games on my iPad

Rob Latham

Rob Latham

How did you get into racing?: Started riding in my mid 30's for health and wellness. Got introduced to local group rides and have found I enjoy the camaraderie and social aspects of the sport.

Favorite Local Race: Harbins Hill road race

Favorite Race Moment: My second race, Alex Moody and I went to Fork Shoals on a whim. Temps in high 20's and wind blowing 20mph. We broke away 5 miles in and 4 others came with us. We worked well together, echelon during crosswinds and stayed away the entire race. I sprinted for first.

Favorite Quotes: Hard to say.. Mind over matter. Or, "Your focus becomes your reality". I think the second one might be from a Star Wars movie but it works for me. Also HTFU is a good one.

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Cooking, walking, camping, or relaxing outdoors

no photo available

Manuel Lopez

How did you get into racing?: Always liked it

Athletic Accomplishments: Podium several times

Favorite Local Race: Like them most all

Favorite Race Moment: First time in 1st place

Favorite Quotes: Definitely work hard!

When I’m not racing/training, I'm…: Surfing or doing weight training

Rob Mayerik

Rob Mayerik

How did you get into racing?: I've always been competitive. So when I took up recreational cycling in 1991, it was a natural progression to start racing.

Athletic Accomplishments: Illinois State Champion 3200 meter relay, 1980.

Favorite Local Race: Marietta Tuesday Night Crit

Favorite Quote: "La douleur est temporaire (Pain is Temporary)"

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Thinking about my next ride

David Merry

David Merry

Occupation: IBM / MSS Integration Architect

How did you get into racing?: Bucket list item. Wanted to complete a triathlon then got the "bug"

Athletic Accomplishments: Various podiums in local Races. Participated in AG Nat's 2013, 2014, 2015.

Favorite Local Race: GMS - Tri to Beat Cancer (Athens)

Favorite Race Moment: Finishing my first 70.3 - Augusta 2016, Finishing my first Marathon - Savannah RnR 2016

Favorite Quote: Shut up Legs!

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Spending time with my family

Mickey Pavuk

Mickey Pavuk

How did you get into racing?: Encouraged by riding friends

Favorite Local Race: Roswell Crit

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Speding time with my family, dining, listening to music, or volunteering

Jeff Pilato

Jeff Pilato

How did you get into racing?: Brother Raced /Managed Amateur Team

Athletic Accomplishments: Multiple, Amateur Road Race Wins, Competitive distance rides

Favorite Local Race: Twilight Series. Also like Sunny King Crit

Favorite Race Moment: George Hincapie pulled me up to the lead group during competitive Century Ride

Favorite Quotes: Hard Work wins it!

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Traveling, reading, or doing physics

Deborah Price-Alexander

Deborah Price-Alexander

How did you get into racing?: Jay Marshall

Athletic Accomplishments: Ironman World Championships, Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Team USA, USAT All American

Favorite Local Race: They're all great.

Favorite Race Moment: Loved being the first out of the water and having a police escort the whole bike leg in the Acworth Women's Tri.

Favorite Quote: Act as if it were impossible to fail and it will be

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Running with my dogs

Pat Ridings

Pat Ridings

How did you get into racing?: Started running 5Ks 22 years ago and progressed to today.

Athletic Accomplishments: Finishing Ironman Lake Placid last year

Favorite Local Race: West Point Tri

Favorite Quote: Pain is temporary

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: At the beach

Curtiss Samuel

Curtiss Samuel

How did you get into racing?: Was running regularly and some of my friends were doing triathlons and decided to give it a try.

Favorite Local Race: West Point

Favorite Race Moment: Went from 3rd to 2nd by making up 3 minutes in the first 3 miles of the run at Rev 3 Anderson Olympic Triathlon

Favorite Quote: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Eating out, traveling, serving in my church, or working out

Greg Spaeth

Greg Spaeth

How did you get into racing?: I use to ride to get around as kid on my 10 speed bike. When I moved to Georgia I had a friend that got me back into riding. Then encouraged me to race.

Athletic Accomplishments: Georgia state championship, competed in the masters Nationals in 2015 (11th in the time trial)

Favorite Local Race: Any I can make time to race in

Favorite Race Moment: Ask me about the sixes gap crit in 2014.

Favorite Quote: Never give up!

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Spending time with my family 

Chris Tanner

Chris Tanner

How did you get into racing?: Couldn't just run and was too short to keep playing basketball.

Athletic Accomplishments: Hawaii Ironman Race, Triathlete of the Year '92 Atlanta Tri Club

Favorite Local Race: Acworth, Georgia

Favorite Race Moment: Racing Escape from Alcatraz

Favorite Quotes: Listen to the one!

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Fishing or watching Man City

Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor

How did you get into racing?: I guess it started with triathlon, but then I realized cycling was the best part of a tri, so I stopped swimming and running.

Athletic Accomplishments: I was the 8th fastest female in last year's 6 Gap.

Favorite Quotes: Do the right thing, do your best, and always show people you care. -Lou Holtz

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Playing tennis, watching my kids in their activities, or snuggling with my 2 dogs

Photo Coming Soon

Dan Thornton

How did you get into racing?: Way too long ago to remember

Athletic Accomplishment: USA Cycling District road and crit champ Masters 35+ in 1995, Same in 2015

Favorite Local Race: Roswell Crit

Favorite Quotes: Harden the F Up!

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Grilling and traveling

Daniel Thornton Jr

Daniel Thornton Jr.

How did you get into racing?: I grew up racing at a young age as I would always do the junior races at the events my Dad was racing.

Athletic Accomplishment: Riding some of the toughest terrain on a bicycle... Alpe D'Huez, Col de Sarenne , Telegraphe, Galibièr, Going to the Sun Road, BrassTown/6Gap.

Favorite Local Race: Road GA Games Crit - West Oak

Favorite Quotes: A bicycle is just circles turning circles.

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Spending time with my family and enjoying the outdoors

Robert Toledano

Robert Toledano

How did you get into racing?: I have always enjoyed two wheels.....and always been fairly competitive...the rest just falls into place.

Athletic Accomplishments: Multiple Fool's Gold 100 finishes, multiple 12hr solo mtb race finishes, multiple SERC podiums, 24 years of Peachtree Road Race finishes.

Favorite Local Race: Fool's Gold 100

Favorite Race Moment: Most memorable race moment is one where I was on my second Fool's Gold lap chasing down scragglers that had gone out too hard on the first lap. I caught a guy I had chased for an entire hour and passed him while he was getting a water refill. I was driving to put distance on us when I came upon two ladies on horses from behind. I had to be careful and respectful so I started a conversation from to get their attention....was able to get them to let me by.....they were very nice and understanding. As soon as I passed them I asked that they do whatever they could to block the guy I had just spent an hour chasing.....not sure it really mattered since he was really shattered but when you're 9+hrs into a race, it feels like the biggest victory ever!

Favorite Quotes: You have to pin it to win it.

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Doing something with cars

Mike Zoellner

Mike Zoellner

How did you get into racing?: I've been competitive my whole life. I enjoy the challenge to stay fit and measure myself against other like-minded people.

Athletic Accomplishments: RAAM 1992 (team), Boston Marathon 1994, Team USA in triathlon, Ironman Kona - 1999, 2005

Favorite Local Race: Allatoona Triathlon (Acworth)

Favorite Race Moment: Running down Ali'i Drive to the finish in my first Ironman Kona

Favorite Quote: I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was.

When I’m not racing/training, I’m…: Helping people achieve their dreams, adventures and ambitions, or hanging out at the beach