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Women's Ride Guide

We've Got You in Mind

Why do you ride? Because it’s great for your heart (and soul), and easy on your knees and joints? Because it’s a beautiful way to explore your neighborhood and see the world? Because it allows you to breathe fresh air, and escape the gym?

Women's bikes for all riding styles

Ride a Bike Built For You

From your unique proportions to your personal riding preferences, there isn’t one women’s bicycle that fits all. Fortunately, we have a variety of options - for beginners and competitors, for the road and the dirt - that have all been designed and refined specifically for you.

Women's riding apparel

What to Wear

Cycling apparel is packed with unique features, including jerseys with rear pockets (to keep your essentials within reach but out of the way while you’re in riding position) and gloves with gel padding (to reduce pressure on your ulnar nerve and improve circulation). Our women’s cycling apparel also features this season’s hottest colors and most flattering fits. From tops and gloves to socks and shoes, we have gear expertly designed for your body and your style.

Build a Community

Connecting with other women who ride will help you ride more often, boost your social life, and allow you to get more out of training. Contact Eden Jackson, Trek Ride ambassador, for for women’s rides and events, or for info about events like our Free Maintenance 101 the first Saturday of every month.

Women's cycling shorts

From the Bottom Up

If there’s one thing that can make or break a ride, it’s a pair of cycling shorts. Leave discomfort and numbness behind forever with the perfect pair of women’s shorts, featuring an ergonomically accurate chamois (also known as super comfortable padding), construction that’s both flattering and supportive, and an inseam length to match your personal preference. Spin class to century ride - we’ve got you covered.

Women's bike seats

Saddle Up

Your saddle is the most personal and perhaps the most important component on your bicycle. Despite popular belief, more isn’t better when it comes to padding and comfort for bike saddles. We have a selection of women-specific designs that provide comfort along with proper skeletal support, ensuring that your time on the bike is much more enjoyable. Available in a variety of widths, we can help you choose a saddle that’s ideal for you.

Fuel Your Fitness

Cycling is one (amazing) part of taking care of yourself. It’s part of the bigger picture - a healthy, happy you. Slow down and stretch - your body and your mind will thank you. Eat right - fuel every day with real foods like fruits and veggies and lean protein. Be prepared on every ride - carry packaged nutrition and plenty of fluids. Ride, recover, refuel, and ride - and rely on us to be your resource.