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Bike Maintenance Classes

Bike maintenance classes with Park Tool

Park Tool School

The Park Tool School is a bicycle maintenance class taught by experts and is based on the curriculum of the Park Tool School manual.

Class Location: Free-Flite Bicycles Sandy Springs
6014 Sandy Springs Cir NE, Atlanta, GA 30328 | (404) 252-2453

Class Cost: $150 Includes professional instruction and a copy of the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair

Park Tool school instructional manual

Course Overview

The course is designed to follow the Park Tool manual. This one-hundred and thirty-six page manual of bicycle information covers everything you need to know about your bicycle and has excellent diagramming most often see in the automotive field.

The manual provides the overview for the class, but the experts teach you the "how to" that can’t be learned from a book. You even get to learn using your own bicycle.

This is a six-hour class split between two evenings and is balanced perfectly between lecture and lab. When you leave the Park Tool School at Free-Flite Bicycles you have the confidence to know when you can do it yourself, or when to see the experts.

Join us for a bike repair class

Order of Instruction

The first three-hour course starts with basic maintenance, handy tips, and bicycle nomenclature. Next, we do a lab teaching you how to repair an inner tube and get yourself riding again. Third, we teach a lab on chain service, which covers assembly and disassembly and wear. We wrap up talking about the structure of the bicycle wheel.

The second evening we jump right into brakes and have a lab on adjustments and positioning of brake pads. Next, we have derailleurs. We do both lecture and lab on derailleurs and show you the “how to” adjust and troubleshoot. Finally, we cover the cockpit of the bicycle and explain the relationship between the bicycle and rider.

Learn how to take care of your bicycle

Upcoming Sessions

Dec. 1, 6:30pm & Dec. 2, 5:30pm

Fill out the information below to register for a class or to inquire about the Park Tool School