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Bike Rentals

Free-Flite Bicycles | Marietta 
2949 Canton Road, Suite 1000
Marietta, Georgia 30066
Required: Bring a valid driver’s license that matches your credit card. This is non-negotiable; failure to have these items will result in inability to rent a bike.

Explore Atlanta on a bike with Free-Flite Rentals! Try out Trek and Santa Cruz bikes at affordable daily rates. Pick your favorite model, enjoy a day of biking, and see if it's the right fit.

Here's the best part: if you decide to buy a new bike from Free-Flite Bicycles within 30 days, we'll deduct 100% of your rental fees from your purchase. Reserve your mountain bike today and pedal your way through Atlanta!

E-Bike Rentals

Bike Rental Atlanta

Santa Cruz Heckler SL

A sneaky ebike that's lightweight

Front Travel:160mm
Rear Travel:150mm
Buy this bike! From $4,999.99 

Trek Rail

The do it all electric MTB.

Front Travel:160mm
Rear Travel:150mm

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Buy this bike! From $5,999.99

Trek Fuel EX-E

The most versatile e-bike on the market!

Front Travel:150mm
Rear Travel:140mm

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Premium Bike Rentals

Buy this bike! From $2,999.99

Bike Rental Atlanta

Trek Fuel EX 7 Gen 6

Your go-to full suspension bike for doing it all every day.

Front Travel:150mm
Rear Travel:140mm

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Buy this bike! From $3,899.99
Santa Cruz Hightower LT Bike Rental Atlanta

Santa Cruz Tallboy C

The downhiller's XC bike.

Front Travel:130mm
Rear Travel:120mm

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Santa Cruz Hightower LT Bike Rental Atlanta

Trek Domane SL6

Domane SL 6 is an endurance road bike that's light, and aerodynamic.

Standard Bike Rentals

Buy this bike! From $1,999.99

Santa Cruz Chameleon

Built for... whatever.

Front Travel: 130mm

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Trek Verve 2 Disc

Verve 2 Disc is a comfortable hybrid with impressive braking power.


Kuat 4-Bike Rack

This bike rack is all metal and can safely transport bikes and electric bikes.

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Help protect our trails, please do not ride them when they are closed.

Blankets Creek & Olde Rope Mill

The Blankets Creek & Rope Mill Bike Trails are among the most popular mountain bike trails in the Southeast. There are over 30 miles of volunteer-maintained trails for beginners to advanced riders. 

Allatoona Creek Park

A beautiful Cobb County Park with multi-use gravel roads, a skills area, jump lines, and over 35 miles of sweet single track. This property consists of 1450 acres leased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

Rental Rates


1 Day

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days

5 Days

6 Days

1 Week

Standard bike rentals$80$150$220$290$360$430$500
Premium bike rentals$100$190$280$370$450$540$630
E-Bike rentals$150$290$420$560$700$840$980

Free-Flite Demo Days

Our Demo Days provide the opportunity to ride the latest and greatest bikes from Santa Cruz and Trek. Demo Days are FREE to everyone and require no reservations.