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Bike Fit

Why Get a Professional Bike Fit?

When your bike fits you properly, you’ll be more comfortable and you’ll ride more efficiently. Whether you’re an endurance athlete, a daily commuter, or a casual cyclist, you can benefit from a professional bike fit.

Our bike fit specialists enable cyclists of all ages and experience levels to achieve the perfect fit on the perfect bike. If you’re looking for a few minor adjustments or a comprehensive, high tech fit, we can help. Learn more about our Starter Fit (free with any new bike purchase), our a la carte options, and our Trek Precision Fit.

*Trek Precision Fit and Pressure Mapping Analysis is available at our Sandy Springs location only

Starter Fit - $50*

The Starter Fit includes:

  • Primary fit adjustments to your bike while mounted on a stationary trainer
  • Seat height and fore/aft positioning of the rider on the bike
  • Handlebar and stem reach/rise analysis and recommendation  

*Included with new bike purchase

Cleat Fit - $25*

The Cleat Fit includes:

  • Installation and adjustment of cleats
  • Fore/aft adjustment to position ball of foot over pedal spindle
  • Rotational adjustment to allow natural alignment and reduce stress on knees
  • Wedge installation, if necessary

*Included with new bike purchase

Saddle Pressure Mapping Analysis - $100*

By allowing us to visualize your pressure distribution across any saddle, this Trek Precision Fit tool can find the right position for you on the right saddle in just one session.

Saddle Fit - $25

This fit addresses your lower body positioning. We review saddle height and fore/aft positioning to increase your comfort and pedaling efficiency.

Trek Precision Fit

Why Get a Trek Precision Fit?

Our Trek Precision Fit combines a personal fitting experience with cutting-edge bicycle fit technology, resulting in countless hours of faster, more comfortable, more enjoyable riding for you.

Every Trek Precision Fit begins with a personal interview and a physical assessment. Then, using Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis, we generate a detailed custom analysis of your biomechanics and movements on the bike. We review your analysis, work with you to configure your ideal riding position from top to bottom, and follow up with you after your initial fit.

*Trek Precision Fit and Pressure Mapping Analysis is available at our Sandy Springs location only

Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis (M.C.D.A) - $250*

Please allow 2 hours for your fit. Bring your bicycle, cycling attire, cycling shoes and pedals to your fit appointment.

The M.C.D.A includes:

  • Personal interview
  • Range of motion and flexibility assessment
  • Shoe sizing and cleat placement
  • Saddle selection
  • Saddle height
  • Saddle fore/aft position
  • Stem length and position
  • Handlebar width and position
  • Video analysis of cycling position

*Add $50 for triathlon aerobar setup

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