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Bike Fit

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Professional Fitting and Technique Instruction 

Meet Our Bike Fitter Eddie O'Dea

  • Eddie O’Dea has been preforming fits and teaching cycling techniques since 2006 and in that time instructed over 7000 fits. He has worked with brand new riders and professionals alike. 
  • Riding since 1998 and racing since 2000, Eddie quickly excelled at endurance events such as 12 and 24 hour mountain bike races. Later he progressed into ultra-distance events such as the Trans North Georgia (TNGA), Hurican 300, Stagecoach 400, and the Tour Divide setting several route records along the way.
  • Eddie also the creator of the Fool’s Gold 50 and 100 and Southern Cross races as well as a cofounder and board of directors member of the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League (GICL).

Free-Flite Bicycle Fitting and Technique Instruction

Riding bikes should be fun, but discomfort and injury can get in the way. At Free-Flite we work with you to get you and your bike dialed in to be comfortable and meet your goals. Those goals may be to get faster, cover more distance, keep up with your friends, win races or just enjoy riding more. We can get your bike dialed in to the millimeter and give you the knowledge to develop good techniques to achieve more with your bicycle.

If you are experiencing any of the following, we can help:

  • Numbness (feet, hands, genitals)
  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Foot pain (neuroma)
  • Cramping muscles
  • Upper body/arm/hand fatigue
  • Leg fatigue

Our Fit Process

Our fitting service begins with an in-person interview to assess your goals & challenges. Then we begin the skeletal and range of motion assessment. Next, we gather the geometry measurements from your bike(s). This data goes into regenerating the WN Precision CAD Blueprint for your bike. This blueprint provides precise measurements for the cleats on your shoes, positioning of the saddle, & the reach from the saddle to the bars. As we apply all these measurements, we will work with you to set the height and rotation of the handlebars as well as the positioning of the brakes and shifters. We will dial in every touch point to your range of motion and style of riding. The entire process takes 2.5-3 hours for the initial session and a follow up session is included.

Knowledge is Power

Technique is important in every sport and cycling is no different. Riding a bike is more than just mashing on the pedals and we can help you understand how to reach your full potential. We couple bike fit with technique instruction because this has provided the best results for our customers for many years. During your fitting session we will teach you the fundamentals of cycling technique and the science behind it.  You will leave with a better understanding of how to make more power while riding and decrease the likelihood of injuries.

Fitting and technique instruction session: $300

2nd bike during the same session: $200

3rd or more bike(s) during the same session: $100

*Additional time required for Time Trial and Triathlon sessions $50

A deposit of 50% will be taken at the time of scheduling

Fitting sessions are by appointment only

No shows or cancelations with less than 24-hour notice may charges a 50% fee

Please call 404.252.2453 or email if you need any additional information or need to reschedule your appointment.

* Fitting services available at our Sandy Springs location only